Don’t Dig in the Mulch

“Don’t dig in the mulch.”

That’s what I said as I zipped up the boys jackets and shooed them outside.  Don’t dig in the mulch.  Our backyard has one flower bed that is perfect for digging, if you’re a little boy.  Usually I let them dig to their heart’s content.  As they’re getting older, however, their shoveling has been much more productive than previous years.  This means that huge chunks of dirt are being unearthed, and Luke has been doggedly hacking at the roots of my cherry tree.  The tree is gorgeous in the spring, and I would hate to see it killed off.  Additionally, I found them attacking all the “green stuff poking up” with rakes the other day.  Flowers-to-be, guys.  Leave them alone.

“Okay, Mom.  We won’t dig in the mulch.”

I opened the door, and two little streaks of energy were off.  I went to my kitchen and finished the dishes while I watched them from the window.  I only had a few minutes of work to do, but I’ve learned that a lot of destruction can happen in a very short amount of time.  I watched them closely.  They didn’t dig in the mulch.

They started digging up my lawn instead.

I debated on ignoring them, but decided that I didn’t want a pock-marked lawn.  I went outside to investigate.

“So um, what’s going on here?” I asked Luke.

Eyes shining, Luke replied,  “Mom.  Today at school we learned that we need to take care of the earth.  I am taking care of the earth.”

“Exactly, how are you taking care of the earth?”

He straightened up and proudly stated, “I’m digging holes so that the grass can breathe.”


We had nice, deep holes all over a section of our lawn.  Quite pleased with his progress, he wanted to show them all to me.


I told him that was very nice to think of the grass, but those holes were a bit too big.  I took him to the neighbor’s lawn next door and showed him how the aerated holes were actually much smaller.

“Please don’t dig holes in the lawn.”

He was rather disappointed but agreed.  I told him that he could dig up weeds in our lawn, but he said that he tried and it was too hard.  Hmmm.  I went inside to check on the baby, and came back to find the boys applying themselves to the garage.


They are little busy bees who love being outside.  We are all loving this weather, and I suppose it’s never to early to order a huge shipment of mulch.  Then I can put Luke to work, replacing all the mulch that he dug up.  I also promised them a digging area, which apparently is about to become my entire lawn.

I’m about ready to give up and tell my tiny workaholics that they can dig in the mulch again.


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