The Smell of a Baby

People always say things like “Oh, babies smell so good,” or “I love the smell of a baby.”  Call me an awful mom, but I’ve never thought that about my previous babies.

I was so out of it with Luke, I don’t even remember him having a smell.  Babies smelled?  With Ben, I remember that he smelled just terrible.  That kid was potent.

He smelled like completely rotten milk and I’m sure it had something to do with my breastmilk.  It was thick, equally potent stuff.  He had this 5-week-run after he came home from the NICU, where he gained 1 lb per week.  That’s slightly over 2 oz of weight gain per day, which is a lot for a baby.  When the body produces milk for a premature baby, the composition is actually different from newborn milk, so that preemies can quickly gain all that weight that they were born without.  Whatever the case, he put off this odor that triggered my gag reflex.  For real.

This time around, I get it.  Meg smells adorable.  She smells cute and cuddly.  My eyes don’t water when I get a whiff of my offspring.  She smells clean and sweet.


Babies smell so good.


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2 Responses to The Smell of a Baby

  1. Valerie says:

    LOL! “My eyes don’t water when I get a whiff of my offspring.” – You better watch out because she’s likely to do a massive (and stinky!!) poop tomorrow and your eyes are going to be the first to react! 😉

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