Spring Crafting

You’d think since we just had a baby, our crafting would go way down.  That’s what I thought, but the boys had other plans.  It makes sense, being cooped up inside with a newborn during the end of cold and flu season, our house has been overflowing with teeny projects and not so teeny projects.  They come to me with ideas, and I try to make them happen.


Benjamin painting his rocket ship.


Luke painting his fire engine for his preschool art show.


Fire engine on display. I was hoping the preschool would keep it, but it came home the following week. He’ll probably want to keep it forever.

Coloring and painting are always easy options to satisfy the little artists, but they really love making things.  Their latest teeny creations were birds made out of cardstock: a front and back sandwiched together with a glue stick, paper clip feet and hole-punched eyes.


Here we have a swan and a duck. Can’t you tell?

These were really simple to make and fulfilled the craft bill perfectly.  The boys flew them around the house for hours, squawking and pecking happily.

We have a huge pad of cardstock so we’ll definitely make these again.  The boys asked for alligators next.  The paper clip feet are pretty useless, so they can just glue two shapes together and sticker it up.  Maybe mini-clothes pins would work out better.

It’s hard to stay on top of their inventions.  Luke brought in a bunch of mini pinecones yesterday and wanted to make robots with them.  Who knows how that’s going to work, but now I have mini pine seeds all over my kitchen.  He was then rooting through my cabinet for empty cans.  I told him I didn’t have any, and he asked me to go dumpster diving for cans and spare parts.

I completely laughed at him.

We’re about to toss all our old projects and start some new spring crafts.  I’d love any suggestions that I could do while holding an infant, and don’t involve me rooting around in a trash bin.


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4 Responses to Spring Crafting

  1. Valerie says:

    You are a rock star mama!! 😀
    I love his fire truck!

    • pokedpotato says:

      Thanks Valerie! I cannot take credit for the papier mache fire truck…my husband helped Luke make it & then I just supervised the painting & stickering. Of course that means I was nursing & providing helpful comments like “don’t spill the paint!! ack!”

  2. Rebecca- I bought a kit not too long ago that’s for folding all card stock paper into birds. 4 different kinds of birds! Let me see how difficult they are and if they aren’t too bad I’ll send it your way 🙂 I’m pretty sure it’s just cutting out the patterns, folding and maybe some gluing? I’ll check it out and get back to you!!

    • pokedpotato says:

      That’s so cool Sarrah! Thanks for thinking of us!! And we’d love to send you something too…something to do while you are recovering…just give us a few ideas!

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