It’s My Room

We’ve moved into our house about 4 years ago, and the decorating is coming slowly.  It’s such a mixed bag of saving up to buy nice furniture or installing cheap stuff now.  I like having people over, so my priority is the downstairs.  This is what people will see when they visit, and right now there’s not much to see.  On the other hand, Zach wants to do the upstairs first.

So far, the upstairs is winning.  Mostly because we keep having kids, and kids need furniture.  Luke’s room is the furthest along, and amazingly enough it looks decent.  It is amazing, because he’s the one who has designed his room.  From the age of 2, I’ve let him pick out almost everything.  I would tell him that it’s his room, so he can have what he wants in it.  We’ve done a little editing – he wanted his room to be 4 colors:  gray, blue, red and green.  We convinced him that the ceiling counted as a color (white), and nixed the green.

Because we said no to the green, he bargained for “flags” in his room, and those turned out nicely as well.  We need a red chair and some shelves to complete the room, but overall it’s the best looking room in the house.


From a certain angle.

As he has gotten older, he has used the phrase “but you said, ‘it’s my room'”, to hang up all sorts of random stuff.  We have superhero coloring pages on his closet door, and his most recent installment includes TMNT wall clings.  He’s actually sprinkled them throughout his room, lurking behind furniture and peeking out from fixtures.  How an illiterate 4-year-old can know to post a “Mutants Rule” sticker above the largest cluster of ninja turtle stickers is beyond me.


It looks goofy to me, but it is his room.  I just started cleaning my room and moved in some new decorations myself.  I got the wrinkled nose from Luke.  “What in the world is that, Mom?”

I just shrugged and told him, “It’s my room.”


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2 Responses to It’s My Room

  1. Valerie says:

    I love it! So cute, especially the bedframe. 😀

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