Transformation Complete

I’m really big on getting the boys out whenever it isn’t a complete ice cube.  When Luke was little, this meant that we’d go outside as long as the temperature wasn’t in the single digits.  We’d stay out until his cheeks turned red.  Now that Ben is the little one, we’ve found that his limit is more so in the 30’s.

This is a bitter disappointment for Luke when we cannot go out due to Benjamin’s discomfort.  Ben is also very lightweight, so a small breeze can knock him over when he’s struggling in deep snow with boots on.  Deep snow, meaning anything over 2″.

The poor toddler wants to get out, but once he is outside, he says, “I chilly, Mama.  Go in.”

This winter, we’ve had to shovel a lot.  After about 10 minutes, Benjamin would retreat to the relative warmth of the garage and wait patiently for Luke and me to finish.


We’d try to coax him outside but he wouldn’t budge.  “I chilly.  Hot chocolate now?”

Luke and I discussed the issue.  Lengthy excursions would have to wait till the weekends when Zach could be with him, and I would pop in and out with Ben.

Luke would manfully shovel with Zach.


Ben would find a hint of shelter and cozy down.


I’d take Ben in relatively quickly, while Zach stayed out to play with Luke.


This week, Benjamin finally toughened up.  He’s been a real trooper, playing in cold conditions.  Luke and I are pleasantly surprised.  Ben looks so darn cute, wielding a shovel instead of hiding in the garage.  He’s a new man.

0206141726Hopefully this transformation will stick, as winter is here for 6 more weeks…


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2 Responses to Transformation Complete

  1. ArborFam says:

    It’s amazing how different two children from the same genetic pool can turn out to be. I can testify that my two boys exhibit the same type of differences. My older, Alex, is not interested in being outside (even in our current and near-permanent 80-degree weather) any longer than necessary. My younger, Max, would spend as much time as he could outside, getting sweaty, dirty, tromping through whatever wilderness he could find. Come to think of it, Julia and I aren’t sure where Max gets his outdoorsiness…certainly not from either of us. Aren’t genetics fun?

    I’ve tried to learn to enjoy the differences, but too often the differences end up in entrenched arguments. My favorite is when I pick the boys up from school and Max puts his window down and Alex starts wailing about the heat and we have air conditioning why don’t we use it and on and on. It really makes me want to weep.

    I hope you are able to teach your boys to enjoy each other’s differences and train them to learn from each other–at least better than I have with mine.

    But with all the siblings you have, you’re probably an expert in such matters!

    • pokedpotato says:

      I totally agree! It is so crazy how similar and yet totally different the boys are. I also think that as the boys get older, their differences will become more pronounced. We have the same heat issues with the boys…not necessarily in the car, but Luke loves being hot hot hot and Ben is more comfortable when he is comparatively chilly. It’s the little things like the A/C vs window arguments that drive you nuts, right??

      Definitely don’t feel like an expert on the matter…as I sort through my own kids’ differences, I feel a little guilty about how un-caring I was as a sibling towards my other siblings preferences.

      You & Julia have done an excellent job with the boys!! They seem so well-rounded & good friends with each other too. Hopefully my boys will continue to stay friends as they get older…

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