An Artist is Born

Benjamin loves to draw.  His favorite color is black, and he will happily whip out tens upon tens of pages of black scribble designs until I cut him off.

Most of his artwork ends up looking like this:


A big blob of nothingness.  He did title the blue drawing Water, but we’re definitely faking our enthusiasm when we tell him how interesting his drawing is.

He has had, however, a major breakthrough.  The boy has finally learned how to draw a circle.  Incredibly proud of his new skill, we now have drawings of circles everywhere.

An EggIMG_2229

A PumpkinIMG_2230

Spaceship Blasting Off To SpaceIMG_2231

A Hot Air Balloon with a Stem IMG_2232

It’s quite hilarious how many different things he can draw with the same circle and scribble design.  I know most kids at two and a half years old are doing more than this but hey, it’s his pace, and it’s his breakthrough.


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2 Responses to An Artist is Born

  1. alltheseblessedthings says:

    This is precious. Atticus mostly refuses to color anything, so I think Ben’s work is impressive. 🙂

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