Demolition Men

We’ve been saving boxes from Christmas packages, and we finally got around to building a house.  It’s too cold for the boys to go outside, so building a house was the perfect inside activity.

The boys are really into cardboard creations.  Their designs seem to get bigger and more elaborate as they get taller.  While it used to be cute little car or boat projects that took up two square feet in our playroom, it has morphed into mammoth house requests that eat up major real estate.


That’s big, right??  It had a door with a beautiful handle, a nice long tunnel, and was about 12 feet long and 5 feet wide.


Once the house was up and the roof was complete, it was pretty dark inside.  I told them it needed windows.  I was going to cut them out myself, but they took it upon themselves to do some “major work”, in the words of Ben.  Luke is old enough that a play saw can do real sawing on cardboard.  Awesome.


Yup, that’s a rather large window.


I freaked out initially, when I saw them going completely window-happy on the house, and taped up all of their enormous windows as it was not structurally sound anymore.


Generally speaking, if I’m going to put a lot of effort and two rolls of duct tape into a project, I’d like it to last for a few weeks.  Plus I didn’t want the house collapsing on Ben as he played inside it.

We had a little discussion – I told them that it was their house, and as long as they were in agreement, they could do whatever they wanted to it and I wouldn’t freak out.  Luke wanted to wreck it, but Ben wanted to play in it a bit more.  Therefore, Luke halted his impressive sawing.

The next day, Ben was completely on-board with Luke.  The house had to come down.  My little demolition men went to work with serious faces.  This was a big job.


Ben wanted the play saw this time.  His hammer privileges had been revoked for 1 week due to bonking Luke on the head with it earlier, which mean that Luke couldn’t use the play hammer either.  Luke opted for the chain saw, and wielded it like a hammer.  Again, awesome.


The house came down.

It was up for a total of 5 days, including build time.

I miss the days when we would build an adorable, little cardboard vehicle, complete with accessories, and they would play with it for a month.  Now they bug me until it’s up and then can’t wait to tear it down.

Of course, they did have a lot of fun, and it did keep them occupied for most of a week when it was too frigid for outdoor play.

I’ll take it.


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2 Responses to Demolition Men

  1. Valerie says:

    That is beyond fabulous!! If/when we have a garage one day, I am SO making that with whomever will play with it! lol

    • pokedpotato says:

      Thanks, glad you liked it!! I love doing boxes in the garage too, if you ever have a garage, doing a cardboard house in it is perfect…then I let the kids paint it on a tarp. We have chalkboard paint but any paint is fun of course =)

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