The New Vacuum

After 7 1/2 years, my Hoover Windtunnel vacuum finally broke in the most spectacular way.  The rotating tube with all the bristles overheated and melted, spewing soft bits of plastic everywhere, which quickly turned into hard shards.

It was time for a new vacuum.  If anything gets our boys excited, it is buying new appliances.  Shiny things with buttons, gears, and wheels.  We went to a few different stores, and they tried out whatever was available.  Their favorite was a really expensive canister vacuum.

Zach and I were completely seduced by the Dyson ball vacuum.  I bought it the following day.

We’re all pretty geeked out about it.  It matches Ben’s play Dyson, which looks even cuter next to the real thing.


I would say that the excitement will wear off soon, but these kids are huge on vacuuming.   We have multiple play vacuums in the house, and they all get quite a bit of use.  If it has a hose, it has definitely been used to spray fake concrete or shoot bad guys.


Ever since Luke could walk, he has followed me around the house with his own vacuum whenever I vacuumed.  Ben is no different.  If anything, he enjoys it more than Luke did at the age of two.  Probably because I haven’t accidentally bashed his head with the vacuum handle yet.

IMG_2075I’m really going to miss my Hoover.  We got it from the NEX when Zach was in the Navy and we were newly married.  It’s been cross-country with us and cleaned more carpets than I care to remember.  It will soon be laid out for garbage collection, but maybe I can salvage some parts for the boys to use.

We could always use an extra hose for pouring more concrete.


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