The Lego Maze

The other day, I was flipping through an old Parents magazine, and came across this picture of a Lego game.  It seemed pretty easy to make, so I showed Luke.  He was immediately on board to make our own game.


As we just had that deep freeze that drove everyone indoors for awhile, it was a good time to do lots of indoor activities.  We set up this little maze, and Luke made the rules.


The object of the game is to take your man on a fish hunt.  If you find a banana instead, you have to put it in a trash can.  If you find a fish, you stick it on the pole in the middle.  You get a Lego eyeball as a prize, which you then stick under your leg.  There’s one bad guy, who carries a broom.  If the bad guy touches you, you have to go take a bath.


It’s a pretty weird game.  There aren’t any dice, so it’s rather confusing whose turn it is, and how far you can move when it is your turn.


It makes the boys happy, and as the adults, we get a good laugh out of it.  There’s not too much involvement on our part, other than keeping Ben from knocking all the Lego dudes over.  Once Luke gets a turn, his man usually finds a fish and sticks it on the pole.  Game over.  Time to set everything back up and start again.

When we’re tired of the game, we can just touch them with the bad guy broom, and everyone has to go up for baths.  Win.


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4 Responses to The Lego Maze

  1. Valerie says:

    I’ve never thought about using a flat piece as a game board! Great idea, will have to show Joshua! 🙂

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