Holiday Crafting

At the beginning of December, I took down all our fall crafts displayed in the kitchen.  I told the boys that it was to clear some space for the Christmas crafts, but actually I just wanted to wash the windows and toss the weird-looking crafts they had made.

They always love throwing away their old crafts – it’s a huge debate between them whether the gray garbage man (trash) or blue garbage man (recycling) will be the honored individual to dump their creation.

Immediately, Luke wanted to make specific holiday crafts:  Santa, a Christmas tree, and a reindeer.  At his request, I looked up some crafts online.  They’re all super cute, of course.  I swear an adult must’ve done it and snapped a picture.  Ours always turn out looking completely alien and twisted.

Exhibit A:  Luke’s Santa.  Santa has two little pinpricks for his eyes, and Luke told me that the other set of “eyes” are actually “cheeks with potatoes in them”.


Exhibit B:  Luke’s Christmas tree.  I guess this isn’t too odd, but I was thinking more along the lines of a nice green triangle with colored lights on it, not an enormous fir tree with pom-poms.


Exhibit C:  Ben and Luke make reindeer.  Ben’s reindeer is on the left.  He later removed the legs and said it was a bunny that drinks coffee.  Luke said his girl reindeer is pregnant.  These look nothing like what I found online, but the boys insisted on the design and carried it out to the best of their ability.  They’re a little twisted, right?


The other day I put Ben down for a nap, and when I came downstairs, I found that Luke had ransacked the pantry to make this beauty:


He said he had trouble with the glue, so he just took the top off and squeezed.  The tube in the middle was originally an 18″ tube he had tried to glue onto the paper.  It kept falling over, so he had me cut it down to a few inches.  He mumbled something about it being a “Ninja Reindeer”.  Definitely weird.  All I know is that I can’t clip up additional Christmas cards until I buy more clothes pins.

This one is my favorite oddity:


Ben had insisted on gluing a big, black pom-pom to a Christmas ornament.  It’s now hanging on our tree.

We’re definitely not going to win any awards for our fabulous crafting, and I doubt anyone would want step-by-step instructions on how to make a pine cone ornament with a tumor on its head, but the boys are incredibly happy to have their hard work arrayed around the house.

Can’t wait till Christmas is over and we can chuck all this weirdness, just to start over again.


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