Christmas Cookies

The boys are big into making treats.  It’s edible crafting in their minds.  We make buckeyes every year, which are always a huge hit.  Peanut butter and powdered sugar has the consistency of Play-Doh, and they get to sample their creations at the end.  If you look at Luke’s tray on the right side, you will see some mammoth beauties being created.


Meanwhile, on Benjamin’s tray (shown below, closest to the camera), there are quite a few flattened ones.  He was very proud of making round peanut butter balls and then smooshing them into unrecognizable disks.


The finished product: Benjamin buckeye on the left, ideal buckeye in the middle, and a Luke specialty on the right.


Their Christmas cookies turned out even better.  With a lot of help from their MeMe, they made a great batch of sugar cookie cutouts.


Luke did a nice job of spreading icing and then sprinkling sugar onto his cookies.  At some point, I guess Ben decided that icing was an unnecessary step.


He had an entire plate of sprinkles, not sticking to the cookie, and continued to pour on more sprinkles.


Someone finally took pity on his poor cookie and added a dab of icing.

IMG_1830  He eventually had success.


Benjamin did manage to make the sprinkles stick to some cookies without icing – note the chick with red sprinkles in the middle left of the container.


Their MeMe did all of the cleaning up too, for which I am very thankful.  I came home to lots of beautifully decorated cookies, with the warning to only serve them to family members (I believe there was some indiscriminate taste-testing going on by the boys).

Tis the season.  I hope you have fun making Christmas treats as well.  May yours turn out as well as ours.  (Hopefully better than ours!!)


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4 Responses to Christmas Cookies

  1. Lea says:

    Oh, I understand. We had the neighbors over for a cookie decorating party on our recent ice day. Benjamin coated the entire cookie in frosting, the. Doused in sprinkles, then contentedly licked his fingers. I’m not sure what color they are supposed to be – but he and Thomas think they taste just great!

  2. Valerie says:

    Kids + cookie-making always = FUN!!
    Looks like your boys are destined to be great chefs! 😉

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