Boy Drama

Before I had kids, someone once told me that girls were easier when they were younger, but there was more drama as they got older.  Boys were harder at a young age because they were really active, but there was less drama during the teenage years.  At the time, this made sense to me.

Post kids, the lines are a bit more blurry.  I have friends with kids…lots of kids…and drama seems to come in all shapes in sizes for every age and gender.

Just the other day, something happened that I would not have expected to happen with boys (mine are 2 and 4 years old).  Luke loves to sleep in.  He goes to sleep promptly at 8pm, and generally wakes up around 7am.  However, some days he can sleep till 8, 9, or even well past 10am.

One day Luke overslept.  Ben and I had already breakfasted and were working on the morning chores.  Luke called down to me, and I told him to get himself ready for the day.  Usually I help him lay out his clothes so that they are weather-appropriate, but we didn’t have any urgent need to leave the house that morning.

No big deal.

Instead of sensibly picking clothes from his own room, Luke took it upon himself to raid Ben’s drawers and pick a green tractor shirt, which he considers to be Ben’s best shirt.  He yelled downstairs what he was doing, and Ben was completely indignant.

Big deal.

Ben scurried upstairs, stripped off his t-shirt and changed into what he considers to be Luke’s best shirt – a “muddy tractor” shirt, as he calls it.


Two-year-old wearing a 5T shirt. It’s way too big for him. He loves it.

I was slightly taken aback.  I thought this sort of stuff only happens with girls.  I have four brothers, and I just don’t remember this happening with them…ever.  Maybe it did and I just didn’t notice.

At any rate, I love this kind of drama.  Next they’ll be sharing shoes.


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4 Responses to Boy Drama

  1. papplesauce says:

    That is a good looking shirt!

  2. Valerie says:

    Haha! I think you’re absolutely right. Drama comes from both genders, for sure. Children are so different, as are their relationships with us and each other! No one behavior comes from a specific gender, if you ask me!

    • pokedpotato says:

      Sooooo true & well said!! The boys are so different from each other & I am always learning that I cannot put expectations/stereotypes on them just because they are boys. Love learning through all the interactions that go on through the day.

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