School Pictures

I just ordered Luke’s preschool pictures.  Zach and I had talked about it briefly on picture day.  He scoffed at ordering pictures.  It’s preschool.  And you already take a million pictures of him.  I verbally agreed, but went ahead and ironed a shirt for Luke.  I remember loving picture day as a kid.  Wallet-sized pictures of myself?  Yes, please.

Today, the pictures were available online.  Luke was tickled pink over them.  He loved his class photo, he loved seeing his teachers and he loved pointing out his classmates.

I went ahead and ordered the smallest package available – a class photo and one pose.

Yes, it’s preschool.  However, he considers it a big deal.  Therefore, it’s a big deal.

Yes, I take a million photos of the boys.  But seriously, they usually turn out like this:

Me:  Luke, please sit.

“Luke, please sit.”

Me:  "Luke, seriously.  Stop it.  Smile."

“Luke, stop it.  Smile.”

Me:  "Luke, I mean a real smile."

“Luke, I mean a real smile.”

Or, worst case, he completely photo bombs Benjamin.  While these pictures are funny and memorable, I would like to see an honest smile once in a blue moon.

Me:  "Luuukkkkke!!  Argh!!"

Me: “Luuukkkkke!! Argh!!”

Luke’s preschool picture is just that.  He looks adorably sweet and grown up in a red, plaid collared shirt.  He’s looking at the camera and actually smiling instead of goofing around.  The pictures are in focus and the background is pleasantly neutral instead of completely disheveled.

It’s a cute memory, and I figure that one day Zach will appreciate having at least one picture where his son doesn’t look like a total ragamuffin.


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2 Responses to School Pictures

  1. Valerie says:

    LOL, I love those pictures!!!
    BUT, I totally know what you mean about wanting a real smile. 😉 Can’t wait to see them!

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