Kale Smoothie

Luke loves to help me cook.  Usually, I can find something simple for him to chop up, but this day I think I was making a meatloaf or something with raw meat in it.

I told him he could make a kale smoothie as long as he did everything himself.  He was eager, attentive and serious.  I had him follow a recipe that had kale, coconut milk, pineapple and bananas.  He used ice cubes instead of water, and we had a can of low-calorie coconut milk on hand.


He had a hard time with the display time on the blender.  I told him to stop pulsing the blender when it got to 30 seconds.  Numbers, however, are still hard for him to understand.  Plus he can only count up to 20.  After a slow start, he just held the button till 45 seconds.  That’s okay.

He loved the smoothie and amazingly enough, Ben – my son who shuns veggies and smoothies alike – drank half of his share.

A huge thumbs-up for kale smoothies.


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2 Responses to Kale Smoothie

  1. whatthemom says:

    I’m definitely going to try that smoothie.

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