Tattoo Time

I occasionally post pictures on Facebook of something the boys have done, such as this one below.  Here is Benjamin, smashing crackers for a dinner casserole.


Lately, I have been getting a lot of comments about Ben’s tattoos, instead of the actual event taking place.  Above pictured, he does have Mater and Lightning McQueen on each arm.  People will comment.  It’s quite funny and cute.

It isn’t limited to social media.  Ben’s been going to gymnastics for about one month, and I don’t know all of the moms yet.  Random moms come up to my son and say, “Oooo, any new tattoos today??”  He is happy to show and tell.

Here’s the deal:  this boy really likes his temporary tattoos.

The boys get out the tattoos and make their choices.


They take turns standing still while I apply the tattoo.  It is surprising how long Ben can stand still (even when he was 1-year-old) when he knows that the end result is Pooh Bear on his arm.


They’re quite picky about the results.  A smudged tattoo is very disappointing and they ask Zach to remove it at bath time that evening.  Good tattoos, however, might linger for a week, until it is completely unrecognizable and just looks like they have bits of dirt on their arm.


I’m not crazy about all these tattoos, but I figure it is kind of like painting a little girl’s nails.  Even boys need a little bling sometimes.

IMG_1400Even if it’s on your belly.


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