Plaid on Plaid

Confession:  I am not much of a morning person.  I usually rise at the last minute possible, which is generally when a tiny face is inches from mine, exhorting me to get up.  Most work days, Zach gets the boys dressed while I get ready at the same time.  It’s really nice of him, and he does a decent job of picking out their clothes.  Even if I don’t like their outfit selection, I make it a point to rarely veto what they are wearing.  Why ruin a good system by offending their dresser.

The other day, I desperately wanted to eat at a very nice restaurant but hadn’t lined up a sitter.  I told Zach we were all going out on a date and the boys were coming too.  I put on a dress, and Zach got collared shirts for the boys, to replace their play shirts.

This is how he dressed Benjamin:


I was really, really appalled.  Luke had on a nice, grey collared shirt as well, but still had on  neon green play shorts.

“I’m getting the boys different shorts,” I stated, as I headed up the stairs.  I was thinking khaki shorts and perhaps changing Luke’s shirt to match Ben’s.

Zach protested, “They’re fine.”

“Ben looks hideous.  We can’t go out like that.”  I paused at the top of the stairs.

“They’re fine from the waist up.  It’s a fashion statement.  Plaid on plaid.”

I hesitated.  It was really nice of him to even think of changing the boys.  I had just assumed I would be dressing the boys for dinner, as well as myself.  Against my better fashion judgment, I decided that I’d rather not hurt Zach’s feelings on his ability to dress the boys up.

We went to the nice restaurant.  They looked laughable walking to the table, but after they were seated, they did look okay.

I suppose I can’t match them forever, and one day, the boys’ fashion statements will probably be much worse than whatever Zach subjected them to as children.


Cute matching outfits for a different event…right down to their matching blue crocs.

We enjoyed our date, bad outfits and all.


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4 Responses to Plaid on Plaid

  1. Valerie says:

    Haha, good for you for leaving the outfits alone! I know it must’ve been hard. 😉 The thing is – your kids are so cute that it really doesn’t matter WHAT they wear!! 😀

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