Growing Out of Diapers

We’re two weeks into toilet training with my 2-year-old, Benjamin.  A few days ago, I would’ve said he’s not potty trained because we have to remind him constantly to use the bathroom.  In other words, I’VE been trained to take him to the potty every hour; HE hasn’t trained himself yet.  However, just this weekend, he started initiating the process himself.  I am extremely happy.

We’re not out of the woods yet but there’s no going back.  This kid is in underwear to stay.

I’ve had friends express envy over Benjamin being trained so early.  Let me tell you, we’re doing this for his benefit, not mine.  He’s all proud about it.  I’m just stressed.  It’s created all sorts of logistic issues, just like when Luke transitioned to underwear early.  I’d rather be changing diapers.

A classic example:  When you’re trying to pick out a back-to-school outfit for your older son at Target, and your younger son yells, “Pee!!!!!!!!!!  Hafta pee!!!!!!!!!”

I am anti-public restrooms with little kids.  They’re not tall enough to stand up and pee into a huge toilet at age 2 (at least my kids are not tall enough), and of course they’re going to touch everything in sight.  So, we usually leave our cart, use the potty I have in the back of the car and re-enter the store.  It sounds like no big deal, but it’s a good 10 minute interruption.

This situation is even worse in the middle of winter.  It’s freezing outside, and predictably, every time we would order food at a restaurant, Luke would announce that he would need to pee.  One of us would bundle him up, trudge him out to the car, and then he would try to pee for 5 minutes, only to declare that he could not.  He’d come back to the restaurant, and we’d repeat the process 30 minutes later when he’d make his pee intentions known again.

We finally solved this issue by coming up with “the pee cup” idea.  I loved this.  We saved the plastic kid’s cups when ordering kid’s meals at a restaurant, and I’d keep one or two in my purse at all times.  Then, if Luke needed to pee while we were out, I’d take both kids to the restroom and Luke would just pee into the cup.  Flush the pee down the toilet, toss the cup and wash hands.

It’s not a big deal with Luke now because he’s taller, but I’ll definitely be using a pee cup with Ben.

I introduced myself to an unknown neighbor the other day, and we had a brief, polite chat.  Then my older son walked into view, and her face immediately brightened.  “Oh!!  I know who you are!”  She smiled at me.  “Your son uses a pee cup!  My daughter told me!”

Almost a year ago, Luke was playing at a friend’s house and had to pee.  I had sent a pee cup over in case he refused to use the toilet, and he asked for the cup.  This, I knew.  What I did not know, was that his friend’s older sister’s friends (a bunch of 7-year-old girls) were also over, and I guess that they were fascinated by a little 3-year-old boy peeing into a cup.

Who knew that Luke’s pee cup would be the talk of the neighborhood.  Now I’m saving cups for Ben to use.  All the moms must either think I’m brilliant or crazy.

At any rate, Ben is done with diapers other than when he’s napping or sleeping.  He has moved on from training pants to big boy underwear, preferably with Mater or Lighting on it.

The short-term hassle of helping him use the bathroom is definitely worth the long-term goal…growing out of diapers for good!


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6 Responses to Growing Out of Diapers

  1. whatthemom says:

    Potty training a 2 year old here too, but not sure he would go standing up quite yet. Great idea!

    • pokedpotato says:

      Good luck!! I know, standing up is surprisingly hard for them at that age…it is such a slow process teaching them “normal” methods to pee =) Hope it goes well!! Thanks for reading =)

  2. alltheseblessedthings says:

    FYI: brilliant. I wish I’d thought of the pee cup!

  3. alltheseblessedthings says:

    I think author Bill Bryson talks about his mom having pee jars in his autobiography. You Should look for that. 🙂 it’s just so funny that some things seem so normal until someone else points out that they don’t do it that way.

    • pokedpotato says:

      Oh how funny! I will check it out! I know, seriously. Some of the stuff we do would probably get raised eyebrows from “normal” people =) lol. The kids have no idea of course.

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