Road Trip: Just Dad

The boys got a couple trips with me this summer, and Luke was lucky enough to score a trip with just Dad.  Our tent is only a 2-man tent, so Ben could not go.

The original plan, for the past year, was to pitch the tent in the backyard and see how Luke handled sleeping in a tent for one night.  Once we got around to digging out the tent along with all the gear, however, it was plain that Luke’s expectations were exponentially higher.

We found the tent, tarp and fly.  Luke talked about going camping in the woods with Dad.  The backyard was lame.

We found the camp stove, fuel and eating utensils.  Luke and Benjamin danced around with sporks and chattered about campfires and marshmallows.  While a campfire was not in the original plan, I told Zach that he had better build a fire.

We found camp soap, camp towels, and just about everything else.  Luke asked if Zach was going to pack a tub for him.  We had a little talk about roughing it.  Zach claimed that his dad could make one pair of underwear last 4 days in the wild.  Luke was all ears.

Last weekend, well loaded with supplies, Zach and Luke headed off to do some car camping in Ohio.


IMG_1301 IMG_1304 IMG_1306

They had a marvelous time.  Zach was nice enough to build a tiny campfire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows with Luke, along with serving him the usual camp food that we eat (dehydrated food mixed with hot water).  They did some hiking as well but the view was really foggy.

Luke brought the book Just Me and My Dad for Zach to read to him.  It’s a serious heart-tugger when your son explains to you that he wants his dad to read him a book about a father and son camping, while he is camping with his very own father.

The camping trip was a success.

Maybe next year we’ll get a larger tent and all go.


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2 Responses to Road Trip: Just Dad

  1. jgh4525 says:

    So sweet!! What a fun experience!

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