Road Trip: Just Mom

This summer, the boys and I took three road trips without Zach, venturing into Ohio each time.  We had a lot of fun!  The boys learned about traffic jams and fast food, and we absolutely had our fill visiting zoos.


They were amazing car travelers.  Ben is a different creature from last year.  A less-pukey and better car-napper kind of creature.  Thank heavens.  Our longest trip, including stop time, was 5 hours.  That is about my travel limit when I’m alone with the boys.  I can only pipe back cheerful comments for so long, before I turn into a real sour puss.

As an aside, both boys can really rock a neck roll.  While they work great, I don’t know if I would recommend them.  When Luke was 3, he would only nap on car trips if he had the neck roll.  He would specifically say, “If you cannot find my neck roll, I will not sleep.”

Boy would I scramble to find that neck roll.  Ben has equally taken to his neck roll.


Anyways, we visited relatives and friends on both sides of the family, and the boys totally bonded with me.  Here we are, bonding while book reading.  Don’t they look thrilled?


We visited many zoos.  The Columbus Zoo is right around the corner from my parent’s house.  Luke went on and on about how the only thing he wanted to see was Melman (a.k.a. for non-Madagascar fans, a giraffe).  There was no Melman.  Both of their giraffes had died multiple years ago.  What are the odds.

Ben kept on talking about how he wanted to brush a goat, so we did that first.  He gave every goat a good swipe and then moved on.


He also wanted to ride a pony.  Luke was such a teenager.  “I’ve done that before.  I’ll pass.”

So, Ben rode a pony while Luke and I waved.  I’m not sure if Ben liked it or not.  The only thing he said was, “Get off now,” at the very end.  It seemed like he enjoyed himself.


The other zoos were equally enjoyable for the boys.  I was honestly pooped after every trip.  Pushing a double-stroller should be considered an excellent work-out routine.

All the trips would’ve been top-notch except for the whole sleeping bit.  The three of us usually slept in a room together.  Unfortunately, Benjamin is not the best sleeper.  He doesn’t like going to bed in an unusual place, and additionally is a night waker.  Luke doesn’t like being kept up by Ben, and I don’t like it when my kids don’t sleep.  We all got a good case of the grumpies.

And yet, every morning, the sun came up and transformed my cranky sleeper into a sweet, perky toddler.


It took a bit longer for the grumpies to wear off for Luke and me, but we got there eventually.

I would say our road trips went just fine.



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