It’s the Small Things

Our deck garden is not doing well this year.  Despite having seen several bees buzzing around, my zucchini flowers have yet to turn into actual zucchinis.  Despite having seen a big, fat, fuzzy one crawl into my pumpkin flowers, we have no pumpkins.


That’s a bee in there, for sure.

Not having voiced my disappointment to the boys, they have been nothing but pleased as punch with their garden.  We’ve been harvesting cherry tomatoes in one’s and two’s.  And today, I let the boys pull some carrots.

IMG_1201They were both visibly pleased with the tiny treasures.  We each got one for dinner and I promised them that they could tug more up tomorrow.

I suppose that they’re quite small, but they look like carrots and that’s all that matters.  We might not get a single big pumpkin, but boy do we have a bumper crop of mini-carrots.

Sometimes, it really is the small things that count.


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4 Responses to It’s the Small Things

  1. Valerie says:

    That is so cute. Shoot, my kids wouldn’t eat veggies much bigger than that anyway. 😉

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