Benjamin Turns Two

Benjamin is two years old.  This is a wonderful age.  The kid can actually walk by himself in a store, he understands and follows instructions, he’s not in constant peril at the playground, and we can have real conversations instead of screaming rows (most of the time).

He’s turned into quite the polite little boy.

2013-07-21 212017

Ben finished speech therapy…he is mostly caught up with his age group.  He does say “gimp” for “thank you”.  That’s kind of weird.  Everyone laughs when they hear it.  His therapist said that was first.  Otherwise, most of his words resemble the actual thing.  We are so thankful for a chattering boy.  This is not a quiet house.

Our next hurdles are potty training…whenever he’s ready…and staying in bed all night.  He gets up once or twice a night and comes straight to my side of the bed.  At least he’s not freaking out, but I still don’t like being woken up.

He had a birthday visit from his grandparents, as well as a birthday playdate with a group of friends at the park.  He devoured his cupcake like a little monster while all the other kids politely took sensible bites.

Ben Eating Cupcake

His cake was in the shape of his favorite truck – a concrete truck.  Per tradition, I let the boys decorate the cake at will.


The cake turned out pretty sketchy but you can kind of make out the wheels, the drum, and the cement coming out the back.  A 2 and 3-year-old decorated it.  It’s about as excellent as you would expect.


We had a fun little celebration at home, just us.

And in case anyone is wondering, no, I didn’t finish his baby quilt yet.

Nevertheless, happy birthday, little dude.



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3 Responses to Benjamin Turns Two

  1. Valerie says:

    Happy Birthday! My husband drives a concrete truck so I LOVE the cake!!! 😀
    Our youngest will be 2 next month and I love how he talks too. So sweet.

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