Benjamin’s Baby Quilt

Benjamin’s 2nd birthday is around the corner (as in, next week), and I am still working on his baby quilt.  (As in, to-be-presented-at-birth type of baby quilt).  It’s a really cute Brown Bear theme with bear paw squares.  I’ve finished the quilt top; all the edges look square and most of the points line up correctly.


My original goal was to get his quilt done before he was born, but he came two months early and that goal completely evaporated.  The revised goal was his 1st birthday.  I’ve massively missed that goal as well, and am now plugging away for his 2nd birthday.  As it is, he’s no longer a baby, and we transferred him to a bed last month.


The pressure I am putting on myself to finish this darn quilt is just enough to render me completely stupid when it comes to sewing.  That and doing it at 10pm every night in the dark doesn’t help.  Does the lighting look bad to you?


I showed the boys what I was working on and they immediately started marching on it, pretending to be ants going down to town.  They thought it was totally awesome.

IMG_0561 IMG_0560Every day since then, Ben points at his quilt and says, “Done now?”

I sigh.

I’m halfway done with the quilting.  It has not been going well.  I can only blame myself.  I’m hoping to get started on the binding next week and finish right before his birth day.

What’s probably going to happen is that I don’t get started on the binding and I sew Ben his trash bags that he asked for, to go with his garbage truck present.


Baby quilts just aren’t my thing.  We’ll call it a Christmas present.


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3 Responses to Benjamin’s Baby Quilt

  1. Lea says:

    Erin is the only one I know to be incredibly on time with baby gifts. I am trying to finish my niece’s birth announcement cross stitch before she is 1, so that I can turn around and do Thomas’ stocking before his 2nd Christmas. And he does not have a quilt. Totally get the 10 pm, bad lighting thing. Give yourself a break – you’re doing awesome.

    • pokedpotato says:

      Thank you so much for the nice words Lea =) It makes me feel better that I am not the only one behind on my list of sewing projects. All your projects turn out so well, keep posting pictures of them! Thanks for reading!!

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