Eating Carrot Tops

We’ve started harvesting items from our deck garden.  I love snipping fresh herbs and greens, rinsing them off, and bringing them directly to the table for eating.  Everything is still pretty small; our late planting is to blame.


The boys really enjoy eating lettuce.  Luke claims it tastes like butter.  It is not butter lettuce.  It’s purple-colored.


Ben has steered clear of the herbs – he doesn’t like their strong flavor – and has opted instead to graze nonstop on carrot tops.  He mostly enjoys chewing up the carrot tops, taking them out of his mouth and creating a nice pile by the outside window sill, and then squirting the pile with water until it wedges itself under my window.  He’s so weird.

He’s also taken the initiative to harvest baby green peppers.


By “baby” green peppers, I do mean very, very baby, green peppers.


At least Ben is enjoying himself.  Luke cannot understand why Ben is plucking everything prematurely, but hopefully some veggies will sneak through to their full potential.

Until then, I hope they enjoy the carrot tops.


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