Pass the Gruyére

2013-06-19 162104

Luke is pretty willing to try any food.  Ben will take a peanut butter and jelly sandwich any day over a mystery meal, but Luke will give anything one shot.  If he hates a side dish, we usually give him a pass.  If it’s a main dish that he dislikes, he needs to finish about half.  I give it a few weeks, and then try to sneak it back onto the table in another form.

While it’s a good thing that he’ll try anything, it has led him to develop very snobby tastes.  His favorite meat is a charcoal-grilled, strip steak.  Cooked medium well.  He adores expensive, smelly cheeses and salty olives.  He likes all his pie crusts to be homemade.  You get the idea.

The other day, I literally had to fight him for the last piece of gorgonzola.  We ended up splitting it in half.

Luke generally informs Ben on the goodness or badness of the food.  Ben doesn’t like to eat foods with texture anyways, so it doesn’t matter.  I have many friends reassure me that this is normal for kids who were preemies.  That knowledge still doesn’t stop my exasperated sighs from escaping at dinnertime, when he refuses most of his meal.

The kids didn’t like the swiss chard the other night, but Zach and I polished it off.  Yum.

We passed Luke the gruyére instead.


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