Preschool: The Attack of the Eyeball

All of Luke’s friends are done with preschool for the year, and I have taken that as a carte blanche to relax my already-low standards for what counts as preschool.  If he wants to learn about centipedes and grasshoppers, that counts.  Levers and pumps?  That counts too.  Pretty much anything that he is interested in, I mentally chalk up as preschool for the day.  I think it’s a good break for everyone.  I’m not stressing that he cannot recognize 6, 7, or 8, and he gets to build levers out of rulers and pencils.

Our crafting originality has decreased as well.  All of the crafts for the past month have involved eyeballs.  They’re a huge hit and as long as I don’t get mad about the quantity of eyeballs used, everything’s great.


G for Giraffe. It has 5 legs and about 10 eyes, but that’s okay.

Benjamin, our resident 1-year-old, really loves the eyeballs.

I for Iguana.

I for Iguana.

I saw this really silly idea online for a little “i” craft: Mr. Itchy.  It was the only novel craft that didn’t completely obscure the “i” shape, so we made it.  The kids loved it.

i for itchy.  Just go with it.

“i” for (Mr.) itchy.  Maybe he has chicken pox or something.  Ben’s definitely has a case of blindness.

I had to pry the sheet of eyeballs from Ben’s chubby grip, as he hotly protested their release.

It’s safe to say that we may or may not get to “j” and “k” next week.  If we do, there will definitely be eyeballs involved.


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2 Responses to Preschool: The Attack of the Eyeball

  1. ArborFam says:

    I’m a firm believer in times of relaxation. And I think learning often thrives in an environment where everything is more relaxed. There certainly is a time for discipline and focus, but if you do too much of it, you forget to learn. I hope you have a laid-back, awesome summer!

    • pokedpotato says:

      Thanks for the advice!! It frustrates me that his learning is so slow & I want to keep on pushing through the summer, but you are so right. Relaxing & taking a break is good for everyone =) Good reminder & I hope you have a great summer too!!

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