Seasoned Travelers

Well, we took the boys on vacation last month.  I was prepared for another rough trip with our little grouch, Benjamin, but he was really great.  No wheezing and no trips to urgent care.  It felt like a real vacation!

Luke and Ben were transported in just about every manner possible.  Forget the vacation portion.  Just getting to our destination and going places was awesome to them.  They travelled by planes, trains, busses, boats and cars.

Ben was really into the planes.  Luke wanted to be in the cockpit.  We let him open and close his air valve.  That’s a control knob.


Planes are cool.

The boys thought that subways were really slick.

The pole is key.

The pole was key.

The monorail was equally fantastic to them.

A monorail just looks awesome.

Even I get excited about a monorail.

I wish the kids were tall enough to see out the windows.  It would’ve been that much cooler.  As it was, Ben was so proud of holding his own on the pole.

Again, the pole is really the thing.

Again, the pole was really the thing.

Of course there were lots of stroller rides.  We bought a double umbrella stroller just for the trip.  It was perfect.  Sturdy and lightweight.  Luke was giddy to be able to ride a stroller again, while Ben constantly complained that his seat was too hot.  Typical.

Clutching onto their own backpacks, headed into the unknown.

Clutching onto their backpacks, headed into the unknown.

Benjamin’s all-time favorite ride was the bus, of all things.  The whole no-car-seat-no-seatbelt business won him over instantly.  Luke always rode on a lap, while Ben wanted his own seat.


I’m never getting into a car seat again.

At the hotel pool, Luke begged for a noodle and then an inner tube.  One more form of transportation.  Luke wanted to float down the lazy river like the other pool patrons.

One pool noodle.  Two boys.  We instantly jammed this into our closet to head off sharing problems, not to mention knocking over lamp problems.

One pool noodle. Two boys. We instantly jammed this into our closet to prevent sharing issues, as well as (I imagine) knocking-over-lamp problems.

It sounds idyllic, but the boys can’t swim and they’re really clueless when it comes to strategic floating, so there was a lot of parental work going on, to keep them in a relaxed, lazy state.

It required a lot of work to keep the kids from plopping into the water.

Don’t be fooled.  His bum is being supported so that his entire body doesn’t plop into the water.

Trains caused medium excitement.  Once you get on a train, it’s kind of boring.  Boats were okay, too.  They enjoyed the boat rides, but I think that they expected to be whipping through the water, sails flapping madly and a pirate captain waving a sword at them, not gently puttering down slightly curvy, predetermined courses.

I was really worried about all the plane rides because of the altitude business, but we gave them snacks on the way up and didn’t have any issues.  Luke complained about his ears twice during mild turbulence; chewing gum solved the problem.

It is safe to say that we have a set of seasoned travelers on our hands.  All the new forms of transportation have made them little connoisseurs in moving from Point A to Point B.

Of course, the best form of transportation is still the tried and true standby: Mom.

These kids are really getting too big to carry.  Honestly.

These kids are really getting too big to carry. Honestly.


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