Planting Gum

We finally got our deck garden started, last the end of May.  The past two months have been so hectic travel-wise, that I was unable to produce seedlings inside the house in March.  Or April.  Instead, we settled for planting outside quite late.

Luke and Ben got a little help while visiting their grandparents, planting carrots in clear containers.  The idea was that the boys could watch them grow.  Carrots were a huge hit last year, so we planted even more carrots at home.


If you’re one-year-old, there’s no such thing as too much water.

There was a massive amount of over-watering going on, but the carrots are currently thriving seedlings.

We planted cucumbers, zucchini, more carrots, a variety of herbs and, at Luke’s request, pumpkins.  I don’t know how to grow a pumpkin on a deck.  Water often, I suppose.  I will try putting a towel underneath the pumpkins, to keep them from bruising on the deck floor.  Luke has also asked for soybeans and an olive tree.  I nixed the olive tree but said “yes” to tomatoes and lettuce.


Planting pumpkins.

Unlike last year, Luke was excellent at placing seeds.  Surprisingly, Ben wasn’t too bad either.  Make a hole in the dirt.  Drop in a seed.  What could go wrong?

For starters, the whole idea of covering the planted seed with dirt was completely taken to heart, and I had to stop them from firmly stepping on the buried seed.  “But Mom, it needs to really be pressed down so the seed will grow!”

It always starts off as gentle patting.

It always starts off as gentle patting.

Ben was slightly peeved over the whole issue of Luke having Dora the Explorer work gloves and having none himself.  Luke was equally annoyed that Ben kept scooping dirt out of whatever trough Luke was hunched over.  Sibling issues.

Two budding gardeners.

Two budding gardeners.

The funniest misunderstanding was when we were planting green beans.  Ben was convinced that I had handed him some nice pieces of gum.

“Gum?  Gum?  Eat?  Eat?”

“No Ben.  Don’t eat.  Green bean.  Plant.”  Luke replied to Ben in equally stunted caveman terms.

“Gum.  Eat.”

Luke planting green beans.

Luke planting green beans.

Thankfully, he copied Luke and planted his pieces of “gum”.

We are looking forward to warm weather, growing massive pumpkins from tiny pots, and Benjamin is waiting for his gum to grow.


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2 Responses to Planting Gum

  1. alltheseblessedthings says:

    Your posts always make me so happy. Those boys are just wonderful, and you are inspirationally patient. 😉

    • pokedpotato says:

      Awww, you are so sweet. Thank you!! They definitely inspire patience…geez we move soooo slowly!! I remember my mom being so patient ALL the time. How do moms do it! I succeed about 75% of the time.

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