Five Signs That You’re Addicted To Your Electronic Reader

  1. A real book feels ridiculously heavy.
  2. You forget to turn the lights on in a dark room while trying to read a real book.
  3. You tap the real book to bring up the internet.
  4. There’s page turning involved?
  5. When your kid loses eReader privileges for a month due to disobedience, you think, “Yes!!!  All mine!!”

I take the kids to the library every week, sometimes twice a week.  We love our books, but I am just a little bit addicted to my Nook.  There’s something wonderful about being able to read in any position, and not having to use your hands to hold the book open.  Additionally, there is nothing better than putting a baby down & sneaking some pages while they drift away on your shoulder.  When I put Ben down for a nap, he say, “Tigger?  Elmo?  Nook?”  He gets Tigger and Elmo.  I get the Nook.

We only have one electronic reader in the house.  I think if we bought a second, there is a distinct possibility that Zach and I might never talk again.  I lost him to the Mockingjay a few weeks ago, and now I’m reading the entire Sherlock Holmes collection.

Luke and Ben get the Nook on the weekends only, for about half an hour in the morning while Zach and I are trying to sleep in.  Luke likes to read books or do puzzles on it, while Ben enjoys drawing.  Last weekend, Luke wouldn’t let go of the Nook after his turn was up, and Zach took away his privileges for a month.  I was gone at the time, and came home to some very grumpy individuals.  There must have been a scene.

The punishment seems a bit harsh, but I suppose it is just more reading time for me.


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