Preschool: 911

We’re back to working on the dreaded numbers.  I have found that Luke does best with numbers when he is playing a game or solving a puzzle.  He finally recognizes an “8” as an “eight”, instead of an automatic response, “a spider has eight legs!”

Whenever I point at a “9”, he still has to say, “a loop and a line…that’s a number….nine!”  Progress is slow, but at least we are inching forward.

Today, we reviewed emergency procedures.  That can count as schoolwork, right?  At the end of our review, I wanted him to color a simple 911 page that we could post on the wall.

I handed him a red crayon and the paper.  “Stay inside the lines.”

He snatched the paper from my hands and started drawing furiously.

“Mom, I cannot stay inside the lines.  It is impossible.  There is a fire.  Here is a fireman.  He has a hose.  He is spraying water from his hose onto the fire.  Here is the area that he is ‘posed to stay inside.  I cannot stay inside the lines.”


I hate to kill creativity, so I told him it was great.  I’m pretty sure that the 911 didn’t even represent numbers to him.  Instead, they were annoying stick barriers that he had to draw around.  I don’t really want a little, red pea-man scribble on my walls, but he was really proud of it, so it’ll go up for a bit.

We’ll just keep trying.  Pray for no emergencies that incapacitate me, in the meantime.







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5 Responses to Preschool: 911

  1. alltheseblessedthings says:

    Awesome. One of my most terrible fantasies is for some emergency to leave me incapacitated and my kids not be able to remember all this stuff. We talk weekly about 911 and various safety protocols. They know that if all else fails, run around the corner to the fire station and drag someone home with you. Knock on wood they’ll never need to use this, right?!!

    • pokedpotato says:

      I know, that’s my fear too!! What if I have a heart attack & just the kids are here!! AAAckkk!!! Luke can’t even open the door by himself!! When Zach goes on work trips, I make him text me “hi” at a prearranged time every day, so I can reply “hi”. That way he knows his kids’ mom isn’t dead. He thinks it’s silly, but what if I died!!

  2. biggsis says:

    Maybe you could turn the phone off and let him practice pushing 911. He might remember the pattern, or relate the numbers better if he sees how they are printed on the button. And hopefully he won’t need to do it ever!

    • pokedpotato says:

      Thanks for the advice! We don’t have a house line so one of my “to do” things this summer is to get a phone in the house. But he could definitely practice that on an old cell phone! Good idea =) Yes…hopefully he won’t ever need to use it. Thanks!!

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