Preschool: Lowercase “a”

After our awful foray into the number’s territory, I retreated to safer ground: the alphabet.  Today, we redid the letter A and the number 1.  Additionally, we added in lowercase “a”.

I showed him how two 1’s next to each other made the number “11”.  This did not quite click.  We moved on.  He had some concerns about little “a”, such as, “Does it make the same sound as big A?”  After a few probing questions, he easily grasped the concept.

I found a neat craft online for lowercase “a”.  Luke thought it was pretty silly.  Silly, for a little kid, is good.  Aside from cutting out the “a” for him, he did everything himself.

Luke said that the floating black line was for the "a" to sit on when it got tired.  Um, okay.

Luke said that the black line was for the “a” to sit on when it got tired. Um, okay.

At dinnertime, Luke proudly showed Zach his craft.

“Dad, look at my drawing.”

Zach looked.  “What is it?”

“It’s the letter ‘a’ but it’s little.  It’s an apple.”

Zach turned the page sideways.  “I don’t know, Luke.  I’m kinda seeing a potty.  Look, here’s the back and the bowl, and here’s the handle.  Those black things?  They look like poops floating in the potty.”

I gave Zach a very pissed-off glare.

Luke squinted his eyes.  “No Dad.  Those are the seeds.  Apple seeds, Dad.”

Then Luke started muttering and chuckling to himself about poops, apples and seeds.

I was beyond pissed, for several reasons.

First of all, we had a super, busy day.  Beyond the whole simple-survival level.  Errands, special trips, closet organizing and such.  The boys crafted for hours today.

Secondly, Ben just entered his “no” phase.  I think I heard “No, no, no,” from him, at least 500 times today, if not more.  It wears a person down.  I was worn down.

Thirdly, Luke was really learning.  School went well today.  Can we NOT BRING POOP into it every single time?

What really annoyed me the most, was that, at a 90 degree angle, I could see a potty too.

IMG_9223 - Copy


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2 Responses to Preschool: Lowercase “a”

  1. Josh says:

    I told you, the Harper gene corrupts your mind and makes you correlate everything to poop.

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