The Best Thing and The Worst Thing

Every day at dinner, Luke asks us what was the best thing and the worst thing about our day.  It has turned into a cute, little tradition, born from sheer hatred of hearing him belt out “Frog in the Bog” incessantly at dinnertime.

“Luke!!  No singing at dinner!  No rhyming either!  Act like a normal human being.  I don’t know.  Why don’t you ask people what was the best thing and worst thing about their day?  Just no rhyming.  Holy cow.”

I try to answer Luke as honestly as possible, without insulting either child, if they truly were the worst thing about my day.  Zach, on the other hand, usually tells Luke that the worst thing about his day was leaving home, and the best thing was coming home.

Many days, the worst thing for myself and the boys was how darn cold it was outside.  Unless it is rainy, single digits or madly windy, I bundle the kids up at 4pm and shuffle them outside until their cheeks turn too red.

Today, it was almost 40 degrees F.  Lovely and almost warm.  We headed out and the boys started scooping up melting snow.  As I wandered aimlessly around the house, I noticed a large scrap piece of shingle stuck in our conifer at the corner of the house.  I went to check it out and nearly had a heart attack.  Twelve to 14 feet up, an enormous paper wasp nest resided, bobbing gently in the breeze.  It was huge.  A good foot in diameter, probably more.

I showed the boys.  The nest was labeled bad news.  Bad news indeed.  I called Zach immediately and told him he had to take down the nest right away.  He laughed.  Obviously not harmful in the middle of winter.  I didn’t care.  Now that I knew the nest was there, I was a nervous wreck.

When Zach came home, he set up a ladder and went to work.  I watched with the boys, but at one point it was obvious he needed help.  I manned a rake to bring the offending nest lower, and Zach snipped the branch.  Thankfully, the nest did not land on my head.

The boys stood back, adorably holding hands, frozen out of fear that there were active wasps inside.  We assured them that it was safe, but had them stay back anyways.  Luke manfully carried the nest back to the trash can in a tightly secured bag.

It was a good find on all levels.  We’re constantly battling the wasps living around the area, it gives Luke something to talk about, and Ben got to see Mom and Dad in action.  It also made our dinner conversation quite interesting.

Worst thing about my day:  Discovering an enormous paper wasp nest by our house.

Best thing about my day:  Zach removing the nest.


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