February: 10 on 10

Ten on ten pictures did not turn out very well, today.  The most interesting pictures were either taken in my head, or involved blood.  I really hate it when people post gory pictures…as if everyone wants to see that.

So, with about 11 pictures to choose from…here is the visual best that today had to offer.  It’s not very good.

I told the boys to get their boots.  Of course, Ben eagerly acquires Luke’s summer rainboots, and thrusts them into Luke’s face, trying to get him to put them on.


Putting on their winter gear.  Why do they have to have so much gear!?  I cannot wait for springtime.


Apparently, a rite of passage at our house:  searching for fallen shingles.


Success.  Another rite of passage:  Getting to put it into our gray trash can.


They’re such busy workers.


Must.  Shovel.  Snow.


“Ben, help me break up this ice.”


The story of my life.  One boy wants to come down.  One boy wants to go up.  We compromise, and do what Mom wants – go for a walk.


Leftovers for dinner.  It’s not that great.  I give the boys baby-food pouches to make up for the lack of care put into the meal.




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