The Frosty Experiment

The other day, we made a gorgeous snowboy, out of one inch of snow on the deck.  He was plump, smooth and properly dressed.

I even sacrificed my scarf to the boy's delight.

Frosty was bestowed my scarf, to the boys’ delight and my neck’s dismay.

The boys would run to the kitchen window, every morning, to check on Frosty’s status.  On the third day, Frosty really took a beating.  Warm weather, and all.  Slowly, he lost his acorn teeth and acorn buttons.  Shrieks of laughter.  He lost his carrot eyes and nose.  Slight concern over what we would do with the fallen carrots.  In short, Frosty was melting.

At least I got my scarf back.

At least I got my scarf back.

On the fourth day, Luke touchingly proposed that we take Frosty inside the house, to help him out.  He admitted that Frosty would melt, but then, with a wink-wink, stated that possibly, Frosty might not actually melt.  He requested the opportunity to find out.

I am a complete sucker for scientific experiments, and said yes.  We would make a snowboy, or at least a small snowbaby, and see if Frosty could make it till dinnertime.  Dad would be surprised with an extra dinner guest.  Luke wanted to know what we would feed Frosty and where he could sit.  Important things to consider.

Yesterday, we piled snow up by the back door.  This morning, I scooped the snow into the baby tub, from the warm confines of my house.  Everyone put on gloves and the Frosty Experiment commenced.

How fun is snow in the house??

We made a small snowbaby, and dubbed him Frosty.  He had chocolate chip eyes and buttons, and a carrot nose.  He would’ve had carrot eyes, but Luke ate them.  He was going to have licorice teeth, but Ben ate those.


It was lunchtime, so the boys insisted that Frosty come up to the table.  Luke again fretted over what to feed Frosty.  I told him that he could feed the snowbaby anything.  A sno-cone.  Whatever.  Frosty’s goal was to make it till dinnertime.  Could he do it?


Answer:  No, Frosty did not make it to dinnertime.  Frosty was poked to death by two boys, trying to feed him popsicle sticks.


Frosty’s head fell off when Luke was trying to poke popsicle sticks into his mouth.


He was then reincarnated as a cement sidewalk during Quiet Time.


Eventually, Frosty did melt, and Luke eagerly showed Zach the remains at dinnertime, commenting with a knowing nod, “Frosty’s melted.”

Perhaps Luke learned that snow melts above 32 degrees F, but more likely, he has only learned that snow inside the house is fun.

The Frosty Experiment:  success.


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4 Responses to The Frosty Experiment

  1. Megan says:

    You are so awesome.

  2. alltheseblessedthings says:

    Your blog is my favorite-favorite-favorite! What fun those crazy boys are. What a wonderful mother you are.

    • pokedpotato says:

      Aww you are the best!!! Thank you & I think you are an amazing mama too! If only my kids could be as cool as your kids. One day Luke will be bribing me to have sleepovers too =)

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