Best of Friends

The other day, someone asked me if Ben and Luke fight.

“Oh no,” I replied, raising my eyebrows ominously.  “Even worse.  They get along perfectly.”

They are like two little peas in a pod.  Ben must imitate Luke, and vice versa.  I’ve got it all figured out.  Ben hatches the plan, and then Luke puts it into action.  Together, they are a truly disturbing force to behold.

Take Room Time, for example.  They are gated upstairs for half an hour, with music, a few Tic Tacs, and my blessing to run wild.  I get things done downstairs, while they get things done upstairs.

The other day, I came upstairs at the conclusion of Room Time, to find the (formerly clean) hallway strewn with tissues.


Expecting a gigantic mess, I walked into Luke’s room.  I was not surprised.


It wasn’t as bad as what I had expected.  They’ve done this before.  I’ve asked them not to distribute tissues everywhere, but it had been about 2 weeks since I had last made my request.  Two weeks is apparently the expiration date on uncommon instructions.  Ben cannot open the drawer where all the tissues were stuffed from the last Kleenex festivity; it was obvious that Luke had helped, even though he claimed Ben did most of the work.


I asked them to clean up the mess.  Luke mostly supervised and kept telling Ben he was missing the drawer, as he tried unsuccessfully to dump his load into it.


At least it was better than the last time.  The previous time, Luke carried multiple tissue boxes from the laundry room into his bedroom, and they pulled out at least 400 tissues.  I found the boys in the bathroom.

Ben was in the tub, rubbing his little body with tissues, and the bathtub was completely filled with the white stuff.  Luke was outside the tub, also rubbing Ben with tissues.  He said that Ben was taking a tissue bath.  They were both giddy with pride at their accomplishment.

Room Time still occurs, but the laundry room and both bathrooms are now off-limits.

It is great that they are best of friends.

Luke demanded an Eyeore tail for himself and for Ben as well.

Eeyore tails for both boys, of course.

They sure can cause a lot of trouble, though.


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