Toddlers in a Furniture Store

The other day, we stopped off at one of our favorite furniture stores.  We rarely go – everything is so darn expensive, but this is such a good time of the year to stop in and browse.  Everyone is completely broke from Christmas; therefore, the furniture deals are always fabulous in January.  It was Ben’s first time in a furniture store.  He loved it.

Here are a few reasons why it is wonderful to take little kids furniture shopping:

1.  Exercise.  No riding carts, so the little ones get to walk.  Ours have no thoughts of running off…the place looks like someone else’s house.  They walk around timidly, trying to avoid strangers.

2.  They get to touch everything.  It’s a furniture store.  Pretty much everything is meant to be touched or walked on or sat upon.  They’re great about not touching glass, and have never broken anything.  Worst event thus far: One time, Luke obsessively collected all the couch price tags he could find, until Zach realized what he was doing & stopped him.  Luke said he was garbage man, and the tags were going to the landfill.

3.  Bunny fur.  At least, that’s what Luke called the faux fur rugs.  The boys loved walking through the bear rugs.  At one point, I turned around, and Ben was laying on the floor, trying to cuddle with one of them.  Luke insisted they were dead, skinned, gigantic bunnies.  Maybe he was right.

4.  Sales ladies love them.  They’re really well-behaved and like I said, walk timidly around.  The sales ladies start gathering in bunches of three’s, offering them candy and asking them questions.  It also gives us an excuse to remove ourselves from a boring sales pitch on a piece of furniture we really don’t want.  Oh, I’m sorry, my kid is walking away…I must follow…

5.  We learn what not to buy.  One sales lady was trying to sell us on a hinged ottoman.  I was dubious, based on the danger of having a child’s body part get caught between the vessel and lid.  She opened one up, coffin-like.  The lid was much lighter in weight than it appeared.  I was slightly appeased.  Luke scooted over.  “Mom, can I climb into that?”  I looked at him, looked at the coffin, I mean ottoman.  I looked at the sales lady.  “Definitely not.”

Also under “learning what not to buy”, Ben became completely enthralled with looking at himself in a mirrored coffee table.  Between that and the bunny rug it was placed on, I could not get him to move on.

6.    Ben actually started to throw a fit, which brings me to the final reason why a furniture store is really the perfect place for a toddler:

Time out chairs…everywhere.


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