DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

We made Christmas wrapping paper the other day.  It was really easy.  I’m not sure everyone will appreciate the “homemade” quality of it, but the kids though it was fun.

Here’s what you need

Roll of brown craft paper.

Red and green kid’s art paint.

Small paper plates.


1.  Cut off a long roll of paper & lay on floor.

2.  Pour one color into a paper plate.

3.  Have kid(s) make handprints in one color.

4.  Let dry.

5.  Repeat with second color & dry again.



6.  Wrap presents.


7.  Let older kid address the packages.  The left one says “Pa” and the right bottom one says “MeMe”.


I know the handwriting’s not that great, but he’s not even 3 1/2 years old.  It’s pretty good freehand for a little dude.

Like I said, it’s homemade.



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2 Responses to DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

  1. This is a perfect idea for wrapping gifts. You guys did a great job on them!

    • pokedpotato says:

      Thanks so much!! The only drawback was that for small presents, the handprints are not very obvious. One of my friends suggested stamping white snowflakes in between the handprints to help make the small presents look more “Christmas-y”.

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