Going to Preschool

2012-12-04 212311

We had a bit of a rough start this fall, but after three months of “preschool with mom”, Luke is really coming along.  I researched preschools last year when he was 2, but he adamantly stated that he did not want to go.  He wanted to stay at home.  The poor kid actually had several panic attacks over the summer when all the neighborhood kids were getting ready to go back to school.

Instead of preschool, Luke went to a weekly Alphabet class at the Community Center, and I have been teaching him 2-3 days per week as well.  We’re up to the letter V.  Somewhere around “P”, he started getting really thrilled about knowing the alphabet letters.

Recently, he asked to review the letter “A” and came up with a craft all by himself.  This is big news in the world of my 3-year-old.  I love that he came up with his own idea and followed through, on something less exciting than a homemade cement mixer (also one of his recent ideas).

"Snissored" out 3 strips & glued appropriately to make an "A"

“Snissored” out 3 strips & glued appropriately to make an “A”, all by himself.

We have quite the list of things he wants to learn, such as telling time, recognizing and writing his alphabet, counting money, identifying colors and shapes, demolishing buildings and opening big, heavy doors.  I am hoping that some of it sticks.

Next year he is turning 4.  He has no choice on attending preschool; tomorrow we are visiting several schools and picking one.  I am actually quite sad about it.  I enjoy my time teaching him the basics and love seeing his progress, but I would like him to have more structure and different social opportunities.

And really, someone else can teach him how to tell time.


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