A Star for the Christmas Tree

Today we put up most of our Christmas decorations.  I love our Christmas tree.  It is slightly narrow, well-built, and has soft white lights.  The tree fits perfectly into a corner of the room, and is complimented by a really simple, homemade tree skirt.  Zach recommended leaving off the nice ornaments this year.  I scoffed at him (“We didn’t have to do that when Luke was a baby…”) but agreed that it would be a wise move.

Luke was completely overjoyed about putting up the tree.  Once the tree was up, the boys opened their Christmas ornaments for the year.  Luke got a Bob the Builder ornament, and Ben got Santa on a tractor.

100% intact.

We explained to Ben that he should only use one finger to touch anything on the tree.  Ben gently poked an ornament in response.  Excellent.

Luke, in turn, explained to us that every Christmas tree must have a star.  We did not have a star.  He was incredibly concerned, and ran around the playroom looking for a substitute star.  “Dad!  Dad!  This can be the star!”  He came back to the tree waving an object, looking visibly relieved at having found a “star”.  Zach put it on the tree.  Luke went back to hanging up his ornaments.

Hanging ornaments.

In case you can’t quite make out what our star is, here is a closer view.

I just love having boys in the house.

Yes, a blue garbage can.  I couldn’t be happier.  Just the thing to dress up a tree.

I also discovered some activated glow sticks on the tree.  Luke said that the tree needed help with its lights.  Later that evening, when we turned off the Christmas lights for the night, we got to see the glow sticks in their glory.

What a glorious tree.

It’s a really classy tree.  Especially with Luke’s favorite garbage truck ornaments next to each other.  Every year, I get him an ornament.  Zach’s mom does the same thing.  Against all odds, last year we managed to buy him the exact same ornament.  Crazy.

Two garbage trucks: one for the trash and one for the recycling, of course.

Oh, and it’s a good thing Zach kept back all the nice ornaments.  Later that day, Ben took his Santa on a tractor ornament and dropped it on the kitchen floor.  The tractor got super glued, and is back on the tree.

The “star” really takes the cake.  Some days I think there are too many dudes in the house.  Other days, I know it.  Today was a “knowing” day.


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2 Responses to A Star for the Christmas Tree

  1. Nina says:

    Nothing better than a tree with personality 😉 I like the idea of giving your kids an ornament each year to personalize it, very cool!

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