Two Little Trash Men

It starts off small.

“Mom.  I want to be Christopher Robin for Halloween.”

It persists, all year.

“Mom, I really want to be Christopher Robin.”

And then it changes.  I secretly doubt anyone would recognize a Christopher Robin costume.  We have a complete fireman outfit.  I subtly suggest that a fireman is very cool.

“Mom.  I will be a fireman for Halloween.”  He gathers up all his fireman gear and parades it around the house for a few weeks.  I smile.  Easy outfit, check.

He changes his mind yet again, firmly announcing, “Mom.  I want to be a trash collector for Halloween.”  My smile wavers.  What does a trash man wear?  Whatever it is, we don’t have it.

I question his choice.  Remind him of his awesome fireman ax.  He persists.  Trash collector.  I buy a $3 construction vest from the store, and purchase a $10 set of trash bins online.  We borrow a construction hat.

The trash bins arrive a few days prior to the 31st, and become instant hits with both boys.  They are grudgingly shared.  I scratch my head and wonder how to comfortably attach the bins to Luke’s body.  Luke and I decide that an elastic belt would work best.

The day before Halloween, I have a bright idea.  Instead of an elastic belt, wouldn’t a wearable garbage truck be way cooler?

We build, using whatever we have around the house.  Worn-out overall straps are attached.

Green frog tape, at its best.

I get slightly carried away with the details.

Every tiny garbage truck needs tiny trash bags.

The idea is now a full-blown beast.  Luke requests a working hopper, hopper blade, and lever.  I doubt his stamina, and remind him that he has to walk around with this contraption on this shoulders.  The more parts on the truck, the heavier it gets.  He begs.  We compromise.  The truck will be fully operational after Halloween.

He is happy.

The spitting image of a trash collector.

Ben is jealous.

Only solution:  scrap Ben’s original hand-me-down outfit from Luke, and make him his own mini-mini garbage truck.  We even have a tiny set of trash bins available for him.

Only thing better than one trash man in the house: two trash men in the house.

They look hilarious.  More tiny garbage bags are requested, and provided.  The Halloween outfits are out of control.  They need trash!  More trash!

Trick-or-treating is delayed due to rain.  Disappointment.  We commence a small trick-or-treating session in the house.  Luke is concerned that we will not pass out real candy.  We assure him that even though the trick-or-treating is fake, the candy is real.

First stop. The bathroom door.

Luke patronizes several rooms on the first floor.  Candy is doled out.

Next stop.

Ben toddles along, occasionally nabbing some candy, but mostly confused about the current events.

The outfits are a hit.

Happy Halloween!

Last minute scramble to clothe two tiny trash dudes – totally worth it.


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2 Responses to Two Little Trash Men

  1. Kelly says:

    AWW that is awesome. I love that you gave them a mini trick&treating session! and ben’s hair is looking rather curly. so fun!

    • pokedpotato says:

      Thanks Kelly! It was the only thing to do. Luk was so excited and then bummed about t or t being delayed. And yes, i have a son with curly hair! How funny. Z and i joke about it all the time.

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