Benjamin’s Birthday

One year ago today, I sat in the playroom with some friends, for an impromptu playdate.  They came over to help around the house so I could just sit and hopefully not give birth, at 32 weeks pregnant.

One year ago today, Benjamin was born.  It was a crazy and spectacular birth, I was told.  Being totally knocked out, I have no actual memories of it.  I remember a nurse telling me that it was completely normal to get a C-section done and still have the baby come out feet first down the birth canal.  I remember being wheeled into my post-birthing room and having another nurse drop an enormous glass bottle dangling 2 feet above me, onto my head, and say, “At least it wasn’t full!” with Zach looking on, bug-eyed.

I don’t, however, remember Benjamin…I wasn’t allowed to see him on his birthday.  I probably should’ve been more cut up about not being able to see him, but I was so drugged up and my head hurt badly from the glass bottle; all I could really muster up was the comforting thought that he was safe in the NICU.

Today, his birthday will be different.  He is not in a little plastic box with tubes and wires.  The boys are playing in the playroom.  Luke is reading Ben a book and Ben is ignoring him.

Today, I will be there.  Zach and Luke will be there.  He will have a name.  Poor guy didn’t have a name for the first few days of his life.  Zach and I had a bit of a mental block naming him.  He looked so much like his older brother, we kept saying, “Well, he looks like a ‘Luke’.”

Today, we will celebrate one year of extreme sleepiness, silly boys and huge blessings.

Happy Birthday, Benjamin.

Don’t eat the leaf, Ben!

After a dip in the pool at MeMe and Pa’s.

Busy in the kitchen.



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2 Responses to Benjamin’s Birthday

  1. Julia says:

    Love this. Happy birthday, Ben!!

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