Banana Peppers Make Good Snacks

Yesterday, while I was setting up the hose to water the garden, Luke came over, triumphantly waving a clutched hand at me.  “Look, Mama!  A banana pepper!”

As tempting as candy hanging from a tree, apparently.

I sighed.  “I wasn’t going to pick those yet.”  I set down the hose.

“I wanna eat it now.”

I hustled him into the house, not knowing how to feed him a banana pepper.  They’re spicy, right?

I sniffed it.  It smelled spicy.  I stuck it up to his nose.  “Smell it.”  He took a deep whiff.

“Do you still want it?  It’s going to be a little spicy.”  I raised an eyebrow at him.

“I want it.”

I got out the cutting board and removed the seeds, somewhat doubtful.  I mean, this is the kid that, on one hand, refuses peppermint gum because it is “spicy”, but, on the other hand, will eat medium salsa by the spoonful.

A temptingly crunchy treat.

I tried a little bit, and to my surprise it wasn’t spicy at all.  I called Luke over, and he tried a slice as well.  No issues.  I still wasn’t sure.  I know some spicy foods can creep up on you.

Just to be sure, I put cream cheese and jam on it.

Yes!! Gardening snacking at its best.

He was thrilled.

Next time, I am just going to give the banana pepper to him plain, sliced.


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