July: 10 on 10

Ben got developmental testing today and I was told he had an oral fixation (like most little babies around 1).  Yes, that definitely is correct.

Everything must be mouthed.

Encroaching on Luke’s toys.  While firmly chomping on a teether.

First playdoh session.  Very perplexed.

Amazingly, only tried to put it in his mouth a few times.

Chicken bacon pesto filling to make wraps for dinner.  I made the pesto from basil in our garden.  Luke called them tacos.  That’s okay.

I’m surprised I don’t have more pictures like this.

Luke made the sweet potato salad.  I didn’t know that he could use a pepper grinder.  He can.

I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often either.

I’m not surprised about this at all.  Apparently we had a miscommunication.  Luke thought I said he could eat his grapefruit rind.  Didn’t even complain after he ate it.


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