I Need a Kiss

It’s hard to be angry with a request like that.  Nevertheless, I am pretty good at overcoming the cuteness and mustering up annoyance in the dead of the night.

Luke has gotten much better about staying in bed at night.  He gets a marshmallow in the morning if he stays in bed until his clock shows that the bunny is awake.  He is the one that invented this incentive.  I wish we could say that we go through a lot of marshmallows, but that kid gets hit by the thirst monster, suspiciously, just after bedtime.

Otherwise, he is pretty good.  He stays in bed all night, with the occasional request for help, usually brought about by losing Pooh in the sheets or being unable to retuck himself in properly.  No marshmallow in the morning on those nights.

No marshmallow in the morning after his 2:20am kiss request.

Good heavens.


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