Gardening Lessons

Thus far, gardening has been quite the headache.

Last year, we planted herbs.  Luke loved watering & munching on basil and thyme.  Based on that success, I thought we’d plant more herbs and some veggies as well.  It has not gone well.  Failures have been high; lessons learned, numerous.

I have learned not to overestimate a 2 year old’s ability to plant seeds.  Luke has no ability to plant seeds, unless you count tossing numerous seeds willy-nilly.  Seed planting time ended when Zach came home from work and found me yelling at Luke NOT TO MOVE, while Luke said, “What about this, Mom?  Can I move like this?”, as he twisted and squirmed, and flung seed-starter dirt around the kitchen.  (This happened back in March – too cold to be planting outside.)  Zach raised his eyebrows at the scene, and I realized immediately that I was just expecting too much out of Luke.

This month, I have learned not to overestimate a husband’s ability to follow directions.  After tenderly transplanting all my cute, little plants outside, I asked Zach to water them, so I could put Ben down for the night.  My exact words were, “Water them until water comes out the bottom.”  He replied, “Okay”.  I asked him later if he watered them well, and he said yes.

The next morning, all my plants were surprisingly droopy.  I called him at work to ask if he watered them until water came out the bottom.  His exact words were, “Uh, no”.

As it turned out, it didn’t matter.  I have learned that waiting until late May to move my plants outside does not guarantee a frost won’t come, as it did two days later.

Sad cucumbers, green beans and zucchini.  They look much worse in person.

I have also learned to duck when a broom handle comes my way.


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