Birthday Cake

He really does love tea.  I get out the real china, and he climbs onto the table.  Once the tea kettle whistles, I pour him a little cup of tea in his special cup.  Then, he gets to add liberal amounts of milk and sugar.

I’m guessing that most little boys don’t have tea parties, but somewhere along the way, this became a beloved winter activity.

Like most little boys, Luke has quite the love affair with garbage trucks, cars, and tractors.  Due to his insistence, I have learned how to identify things like tracked tractors, backhoe loaders, and at least three different types of garbage trucks.

It is interesting to see what he gravitates towards without being burdened by peer pressure or gender stereotypes.

I generally roll with whatever he wants to do.  Occasionally I come up with good compromises, based on the fact that indeed he is a boy and will most likely grow up here in Midwest.  A pink cupcake pocket on his apron, instead of an entire pink cupcake apron.  Chapstick instead of lipstick.  No nail polish but he can pick out what color I apply.

I did say yes.  I bought silly hats.  He has 2 months before he turns 3, to change his mind about the tea cup shaped cake.

So far,  he has already changed his mind once.


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