Benjamin At 10 Months

It is hard to believe that Ben will be 10 months next week.  It is even harder to believe how normal he is turning out.  Granted, he is 2 months behind in most skills, but that corresponds perfectly with his adjusted age.

3.5 lb of baby to love at birth.

He’s put on loads of weight, considering how small he was originally.

Almost 16 lb at 6 mo.

He only looks chubby because he is very short.

Swinging in March. He’s quite short.

As in, not even on the length charts.  The poor guy cannot fit in the baby swings yet – he is terrified of them.  In general, he is not too fond of the outdoors, but I’m sure he’ll come around once he can actually do something other than sit and stare.

Thumb sucker.

He wants to do whatever Luke is doing, and is always sorely disappointed that he only gets to watch the opening credits of a movie before he is whisked away.

He absolutely adores Luke.  In return, Luke tolerates him, and yells helpful things when he spits up (“Carrots on the loose!!”) or when Ben falls over.

Determined to start moving.

Even though he’s almost 10 months, he hasn’t quite mastered sitting.  However, that has not stopped him from attempting to crawl.  Failures thus far, unless you count moving backwards or random clockwise action.

Some things are normal.  He has 6 teeth.  Teething is awful.  He laughs.  He can finger-feed himself.  He has outgrown his reflux and is a happy spitter.  He sleeps through the night and takes 2 good naps during the day.  He has stranger anxiety.  He can be a massive cranky-pants in the afternoon and evening.

Some things are still behind.  He’s only just rolled onto his tummy last week.  He is not the most solid sitter.  He doesn’t babble but he makes loud noises.  The smallest colds give him enormous grief in the form of labored breathing, wheezing and of course, ear infections.  He is still very sensitive to being over-stimulated (books can make him cry, playdates can freak him out, and don’t even mention going to a store).

He’s quit nursing.  When Ben was in the NICU, the nurses commented that he acted much older than his age (32 weeks), when he was able to nurse immediately.  (It can be very hard to teach a preemie how to nurse.)  Funny enough, he self-weaned at 7 months.  I had hoped to nurse till he was 1 year old.  I pumped and attempted nursing for 2 more months and finally admitted defeat.  I was told the same thing by his pediatrician: “He’s just acting much older than his age”.  I was crushed, but have now accepted that he only drinks from a cup.  Apparently, with all his breathing issues, the doctors have said that drinking from a cup is the least amount of work for him, as opposed to nursing or taking a bottle or sippy.

I’m absolutely fine that Benjamin is hitting his “milestones” when he wants to hit them.  Even though it is a learning experience and guessing game, I’m so grateful that he is healthy and thriving.  I cannot believe that he will be one year old in a few short months.


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2 Responses to Benjamin At 10 Months

  1. Megan says:

    I just love your posts. I miss you so much. Brent and I have a wedding in DC in September (maybe October, I will have to check the save the date) and are planning on coming for a week. Do you think we will be able to see you? I would really love it!

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