The Fire Station Tour

Not the best drawing but you get the idea.

The minute the little sucker was out of my sight, he latched onto the nearest firefighter’s hand and I distinctly heard him asking the fireman if he could drive the fire engine.

The patient man let my little son wax eloquent about “brush rigs” and “my little fire truck wis a ladder at home”.

In return, Luke listened wide-eyed to flavorful descriptions of hoses, nozzles, tanks and other ordinary equipment with big names.

We attempted a group picture, but as always, (I think we’ve been half-heartedly trying to get a group picture of these kids for 2 years now) we got low cooperation and high resistance.

Overall, a wonderful experience.  Even if Luke did not get to spray the water.


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4 Responses to The Fire Station Tour

  1. alltheseblessedthings says:

    AMAZING!! Love your sketch and knack for spilling out a story in such a fun way! We took our kids back in Chatt, and the fireman let Grey pull the cord to honk the huge horn. We were INSIDE the garage when that happened and Atticus cried for way too long because it scared him. Hilarious!

    • pokedpotato says:

      thanks rachel!! =) my drawing skills are horrible and i can never get what i am imagining to appear on the paper, but you just can’t beat a comic strip sometimes when you’re trying to tell a conversation.

      oh that is too funny about the horn. poor atticus! but i bet grey was over the moon about it. luke was non-stop talking to the fireman. he was estatic about every bit of the trip.

  2. ArborFam says:

    This is great! I love the drawings. I was recently reminded of a long-ago fire station visit. When Max was in Kindergarten (5 years ago), I chaperoned his class’s trip to the station. These Kindergarteners got the full treatment, including the nice fire men dressing up in scary fire suits. Between the noises and the scary suits, the more fragile children starting migrating to parents’ laps. All the moms who were helping chaperone ended up with a kid on their lap, and just when I thought I had escaped scot-free, a little girl’s lip started quivering and she looked at me and then climbed up on my lap. That little girl is in 5th grade now, almost ready to head to middle school. When I volunteer at Max’s school and run into that particular girl, I always remember the fire station.

    • pokedpotato says:

      Thanks!! Oh that is so funny. One of the moms put on the scary fire suit, then the firemen turned out the lights & asked the kids to run to the suited up mom. They said to pretend that she was big bird. Of course not a single kid came. Then they turned the lights back on, and after a little prompting, we got the kids to walk to her…all the kids except her own. Ha!

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