It’s Insane

For the past few weeks, Zach and I have been working out together.  Post-kids, this never happens.  Usually, one of us runs on the treadmill while the other person is cleaning the kitchen or folding laundry.  (You want to be us, don’t you?)  This is a good setup; if one of the boys needed attention, one parent was available.

Not so any more.

Luke has apparently been suffering from lack of attention, brought on by Mom and Dad’s new exercise routine.  He enjoys a lengthy bedtime routine, which includes bath, books, Bible story, talk, pray, and tucked in.  After he is tucked in, he needs his special blue light on, the fan on, the window open, and some water.

We leave the room, and then……….the fun begins.

As we are preparing to work out, he comes into our room, usually missing any of the following items from his menagerie of bed lovies:

  • 1 Big Pooh.
  • 3 Small Poohs.  (1 Brown.  1 White.  1 Green.)
  • 1 Eeyore.
  • 3 Puppy pillow pets.  (1 Big.  1 Medium.  1 Small.  All the same puppy style.)
  • 4 Pillows.  (1 Car pillow.  2 Regular pillows.  1 Toddler pillow.)
  • 1 Caterpillar.
  • 1 Ladybug.
  • 1 Whale.
  • 1 Washcloth.  (“In case one of the little Poohs needs to be swaddled.”)
  • 1 Sweatshirt.  (“In case Pooh gets chilly.”)
  • 1 Newborn diaper.  (“In case Pooh needs it.”)
  • 2 Honey pots, 1 brownie, 4 plastic french fries.  (“In case Pooh gets hungry.”)
  • 1 Roller truck.  1 Tractor truck.
  • 1 Flannel Pooh blanket.  (“In case I get chilly, Mom.”)

He also comes into our room, ecstatically, whenever he finds one of his missing, beloved items.  Because of course, Mom and Dad care about that sort of joyful announcement.

As we start our workout in the basement, we may hear any of the following pleas from either the video monitor, or the top of the stairs:

  • “Where are you!  Are you exercising?”
  • “I need some water.  Wipe my mouth.”
  • “Mom, Mom!  Come quick!  I cannot find my honeypot!”
  • “Monitor, I need some socks.  Socks, monitor.”
  • “Monitor, are you broken?”
  • “Tuck me in!!!”
  • “MommmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!”
  • Random screaming or incessant sobbing.

We’ve been doing the Insanity Workout for about 2 weeks now.  Our good parenting skills (ha!) have decreased the number of times Luke yips about something, but it would be nice if he just ceased his antics.

Tonight he only bothered us twice before going to sleep.

Ben could care less that we are 14 feet further away from him vertically, and sleeps like a little champ.

This whole thing has been a little insane.  The workout is killer good though.


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