Drink More Coffee

Yesterday was unseasonably warm, so I headed outside for a quick jog, excited to actually have the time to exercise.  As I completed my circuit, I resolved to do the following in 2012:

1.  Drink more coffee.

2.  Drink more wine.

3.  Sleep more.

4.  Rewatch the Harry Potter movies.

5.  Not have a baby in the month of July.  (2 babies in the past 3 July’s)

6.  Gain more weight.

7.  Clean the bathrooms less.  (Thanks Zach.)

8.  Watch more Animal Planet.  (Anyone else obsessed??)

9.  Play more.

10.  Write more.

I’m pretty sure these are fairly attainable.  Happy New Year!


About pokedpotato

Cheese lover.
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2 Responses to Drink More Coffee

  1. Lea says:

    I do find it slightly humorous that you resolved to gain more weight while exercising. 🙂

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