Christmas Takeaways: Everyone Needs a Stocking

Luke has celebrated past Christmas’ without a stocking.  Not this year.  At 2 1/2 years, he needed a proper stocking.

I bought all my materials and came home, armed with fabric for a stocking.  I asked Luke which pattern he wanted for his stocking.

“Want dogs mom.  Wiss penguins on bottom.  And polka dots on it, like Bear in Underwear.  And ‘noflakes.”

I proceeded to cut out a crazy looking stocking.  As it started to take shape, that’s when the requests started rolling in.

“Mom, Pooh wants ‘tocking too.  Mom, dat is boot.  Make ‘tocking.  Right now.”

I made Pooh a stocking.

The little one is Pooh's

“Mom, Caterpillar wants ‘tocking too.”

I refused.  Pooh was special.  Caterpillar was not.

“Mom, make Eeyore ‘tocking.  Then Piglet.  Then Rabbit.”

I stood my ground.  He then requested stocking stuffers for Pooh.  I relented.  On Christmas, Pooh got tic tacs and mentos.  Later on, I overheard a serious conversation between Luke and Pooh.

As he popped a yellow tic tac into his mouth, Luke said, “Pooh, you haf no teeth.  You haf no tongue.  I eat your tic tacs.  When you older, you haf teeth and tongue.  Then you eat tic tacs.”

I guess that makes sense.


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